Markets in Everything

by Russ Roberts on December 9, 2005

in Markets in Everything

Ogre slaying. (NYT: rr)

(ht to Marginal Revolution for the category)

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Cornelius van Vorst December 10, 2005 at 1:21 am

Unlike most of my gaming brethren, I think the Chinese farmers provide a great service. Many milestones in the game require massive amounts of in-game currency (such as buying a riding mount). The standard, acceptable way to accrue the funds is through farming (a bit of irony I think) certain areas for loot. If I do it, it's ok; if I pay some poor guy in China to do *the exact same thing*, it's bad. I get to spend my time studying for Prof. Roberts' micro class (wink, wink) and some guy I'll never meet has a better life (at least better than whatever he was doing before working in an air conditioned, low-stress "sweat-shop"). Yes, terrible.

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