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Some Links

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Tonight’s Stossel (Fox Business, 8pm EDT) explores libertarianism [2].  Guests include the Cato Institute [3]‘s David Boaz, writer P.J. O’Rourke, feminist Wendy McElroy, and economist Jeff Miron.

Richard Rahn questions the IRS’s morality [4].

Shikha Dalmia is pessimistic about Pres. Obama’s approach to immigration reform [5].

David Harsanyi is fed up with Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign [6]:

No offense, but the next time I hear Michelle Obama lecture me about feeding kids locally farmed kumquats, I’ll be forced to pile my family into an SUV and hit the Burger King drive-thru just to snap my psyche back into proper equilibrium.

(When I hear romantic foolishness gush forth from the mouths of Pious Leaders, I often want to react like John Belushi’s character in Animal House [7]. [HT Lyle Albaugh])

David Boaz writes wisely about the course of freedom over the past two centuries [8].