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Some Links

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Former Securities & Exchange Commission commissioner Paul Atkins recently published two essays worthy of careful reading.  This one is at Forbes.com [2]; this one is at the Wall Street Journal [3].

Here’s the final entry of my three-part series, in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, analogizing the economy to a huge jigsaw puzzle [4].  (The nature of the analogy changed somewhat from essay one to essay three; still, I believe that insight can be gained by pondering this analogy.)

This new paper by Andreas Hatzigeorgiou – on migration as a facilitator of trade – is quite interesting [5].

The Boston Globe‘s Jeff Jacoby explains why LeBron James chose to play in Miami rather than move to New York or remain in Cleveland [6].

Paul Jacob applies common sense to highlight an instance of ‘localism’ gone berzerk [7].

Carpe Diem’s Mark Perry is justly upset about farm-subsidy inequality [8]!

The Wall Street Journal‘s Mary Anastasia O’Grady makes Oliver Stone – without even mentioning his name – look even more foolish and gullible [9].

Where do libertarians belong?  This conversation, from Reason, between Jonah Goldberg, Matt Kibbe, and Brink Lindsey is entertaining and enlightening [10].