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Some Links

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Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby argues against government subsidies to journalists and the news media [2].  (My two cents: anyone who believes that a government-subsidized press would not be a politically beholdened press – a press leashed like a lap dog to its paymaster’s fist – is hopelessly out of touch with reality.)

Katya Brancato – who earned her economics PhD from GMU – turned her dissertation into an excellent book [3].

Former GMU student Ryan Young explains, at the American Spectator, some differences between economists and economics [4].

I join Paul Jacob in celebrating and applauding the great work done by the Institute for Justice [5].

Bob Higgs does battle, with his always-mighty pen, against America’s ominously growing surveillance state [6].

And Bob Higgs here calms fears of foreign investments in dollar-denominated assets – if not of Uncle Sam’s profligacy [7].

Like James Pethokoukis, I don’t want Obama to be pro-business [8].

Over at EconLog, Arnold Kling carefully examines the austerity of 1945-1947 [9].