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Some Links

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Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby wisely wants stem-cell research funded by the private sector – and offers evidence that such funding would be forthcoming [2].

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Robert Barro argues that taxpayer-funded unemployment benefits promote unemployment [3], while Mary Anastasia O’Grady exposes creeping dictatorship in Argentina [4], and Paul Rubin exposes ten misconceptions about privacy on the Web [5].

John Stossel sensibly calls for an end to the grandstanding prosecution of former Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens [6].

Writing in The American Spectator, Matt Purple reviews “The history of ethanol [that] is a sad torrid affair of crony capitalism and green fantasies. [7]”  (HT Chris Meisenzahl)

EconLog’s David Henderson (thanks David!) points out Adam Smith’s insight applicable to Henry Ford’s 1914 $5-per-day wage [8].