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Some Links

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The Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald identifies some inconsistencies among some of today’s feminists [2].

New York Post columnist Kyle Smith writes wisely and entertainingly on politically correct vs. politically incorrect doomsaying. [3] (Both varieties are specious.)

Speaking of predicting the future, in Salem, MA, it’s illegal to work as a practicing psychic without a government-issued license [4].  (HT Roger Meiners)

Doug Bandow points out that the laws of economics apply to medical care [5].

Bryan Caplan poses some penetrating questions to supporters of a legislated minimum-wage [6].

And speaking of posing penetrating questions, Mark Perry has two of his own [7].

Finally, Frank Stephenson corrects an historical myth whose persistence can be explained only by a willful ignorance of politically inconvenient facts [8].