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Some Links

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Bob Higgs here (yet again, but always worthily) explains why WWII did not boost the economy [2].  (Is there a more frequently committed instance of the looking-only-at-what-is-seen error than the frequently committed insistence that war is good for the economy?)

And here Bob ponders bank reserves [3].

David Harsanyi’s trademark insight and wit are on full display in this essay exposing the cavalier disdain for humans, and obsession with baseless predictions of doomsday, of many environmentalists [4].

I’m thrilled to see that the Independent Institute has re-issued Bruce Benson’s truly great book, The Enterprise of Law [5].

Speaking of law, let’s applaud the Pacific Legal Foundation for taking this important case on the security of private property rights to the U.S. Supreme Court – and applaud also the Supremes for agreeing to hear it [6].

Cato’s Sallie James has the dirt on the agreement to extend Trade Adjustment Assistance through 2013 [7].

Richard Rahn discusses tax cuts [8].

Finally, Art Carden explains why price ceilings, especially in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters, are harmful [9].