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Some Links

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I’m with Bryan Caplan: people are resources, and the world needs more of them [2].

Here’s George Selgin on the “local currency” movement [3].

Here’s a video from last-month’s debate at The Urban Institute on the merits of private community associations [4].  (HT Daniel Kuehn)  Defending private community associations is the always-wise Bob Nelson.  (And here’s an abstract of one of my favorite pieces of research on the topic [5].  😉  )

John Stossel discusses playwright David Mamet’s new-found appreciation for the economic and ethical merits of free-market capitalism [6].

Undercover Economist Tim Harford delivered this superb talk, on trial-and-error, at last-week’s TED conference in Edinburgh [7].  Superb!

Hmmm….. I wonder, I just wonder, if this [8] might have something to do with rising health-care costs.

David Henderson debates Ian Fletcher [9].  Fletcher clings to the ancient superstition that voluntary exchanges that take place across the political borders of nations are mysteriously transformed by those borders into a class of exchanges fundamentally different than voluntary exchanges that take place within the political borders of nations.  And, frankly – as this dialog reveals – he argues as all defenders of indefensible superstitions argue: by distorting others’ arguments and by conflating issues that must be kept separate when doing analyses.  It’s to his credit – and my discredit – that David has more patience with such people than I have.