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Some Links

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Cato’s Michael Tanner weighs in sensibly on the “Is Social Security a Ponzi scheme?” question [2].  He answers “yes.”

In my latest column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I offer further thoughts on Keynesianism [3].

EconLog’s David Henderson points us to a fine blog-post by David Friedman on global warming [4].  I would add to Friedman’s list of the three parts to the argument in favor of vigorous government action to correct global warming a fourth part, namely, the assumption that private efforts that enable us to better deal with the effect of global warming – e.g., the continuing improvement in air-conditioning, and the continuing improvement in weather forecasting – are either more costly than, or less effective than – and have worse third-party effects than – would any likely effort by governments to deal with global warming.  (In Friedman’s essay this point is recognized; but it deserves to be listed explicitly as among the assumptions that global-warming alarmists make, often without thinking about it.)

George Will on 9/11 [5].