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Some Links

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My former student Caleb Brown narrates this wonderful three-and-a-half-minute-long video, from Cato, on the folly of that species of corporate welfare known as “anti-dumping regulation. [2]

Mark Perry points us to yet more evidence that income mobility in America is real [3].

Speaking of which, see Michael Tanner’s essay on this question [4].

In a few days I’ll likely add my own post here at the Cafe on this matter of who, among living writers, is today’s Bastiat – and who is not [5].

Writing at FoxNews.com, my former student Alex Nowrasteh counsels conservatives to support more-open immigration [6].

Hearty congratulations to Damon Root and the other winners of the 2011 Hoiles Prizes for Journalism! [7]

This month’s hot new feature article at EconLib is by Brian Strow on the economic position of firefighters [8].

Bob Higgs reports that the economic recovery in America remains anemic, at best [9].

Finally, here’s a 15-plus minute-long podcast that the good folks at the Heartland Institute did with me on trade [10].