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Some Links

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One of the relatively unheralded but truly great economic communicators of the past half-century was the late Manuel “Muso” Ayau [2] (who in a long life well-lived counted among his countless achievements the founding of the great Universidad Francisco Marroquin [3] in Guatemala City).  What a vital gift to economics and classical liberalism that UFM has newly translated into English and made available these 18 essays by Muso [4].  (HT Giancarlo Ibarguen)

You can – and I encourage you actually to do so – find the new issue of EconJournalWatch here [5].

Here’s the Washington Post‘s Mark Thiessen on the ‘public-equity’ record of a politician [6].  (HT Greg Mankiw)

The Globe and Mail‘s Neil Reynolds asks about Europe: What austerity? [7]

Bob Murphy again challenges Paul Krugman, to good effect [8].  As does Chidem Kurdas over at ThinkMarkets [9].

K. William Watson, over at Cato@Liberty, documents yet another instance of special-interest protectionist regulation masquerading as something high-minded and noble [10].