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Some Links

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I meant several months ago – but am remembering only now – to link to this audio recording of one of the final lectures given by the late, great University of Washington economist Paul Heyne [2].  (HT James McCammon)  (Paul’s textbook, The Economic Way of Thinking [3] – now in its 12th edition and co-authored with my colleague Pete Boettke and Pete’s long-ago GMU Econ classmate Dave Prychitko – offers a spectacularly good and wonderfully unique introduction to the phenomenon described by its title.)

My and Russ’s friend from Kansas State University’s Department of Mathematics, Pietro Poggi-Corradini, reviews the movie ‘Gandhi. [4]

George Will ponders “Progressive” politics in Wisconsin [5].

My sincere thanks to Steve Landsburg for this post [6].

Alex Tabarrok asks a good question about foreign “aid. [7]

Cafe patrons know how highly I esteem the work of UCLA economist Harold Demsetz.  David Henderson offers some insight into why Harold deserves such esteem – indeed, why Harold deserves far more esteem than he has so far received [8].