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Some Links

I’m generally optimistic about the robustness of a free society – optimistic about its ability to withstand large measures of harmful and heavy-handed government intrusions.  But that optimism is noticeably diminished whenever I read of plagues of bureaucrats swarming into the lives of innocent people – plagues such as that suffered by marine biologist Nancy Black and related here by George Will [1].

Bill Easterly wonders why the World Bank is less accountable than is Penn State for its scandalous recklessness with the lives of innocent people [2].

Sheldon Richman – who never writes a word that isn’t worth reading – weighs in on Pres. Obama’s “You didn’t build that” remark [3].

Here’s Richard Epstein on gun control [4].  (Note also the comment beneath his essay by Steve Stanek.)

My colleague Dick Wagner explores, with Steve Hanke as co-author, two systems of public finance [5].

David Henderson offers sound analysis of the economics and history of cronyism [6].

Here’s an ungated version [7] of a recent Asian Wall Street Journal essay by Barun Mitra [8] on reforming India’s institution for supplying electricity.

Ed Glaeser writes wisely in the Boston Globe about outsourcing [9].  (HT Jeff Jacoby)

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