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Some Links

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Steve Landsburg offers insights about trends in median-family real income in the U.S. and about care in interpreting statistics [2].

In today’s “Room for Debate” at the New York Times, I ‘debate’ Robert Reich and others on the question of manufacturing jobs [3].  (The title of my essay was not chosen by me.)

In this essay from 2000 [4], John Attarian explains clearly why the Social Security Trust Fund is, in fact, no such thing.  (My own less-nuanced effort is this video [5] from a few years back.)

David Henderson recalls and nicely summarizes the wisdom [6] in Dwight Lee’s and Richard McKenzie’s excellent 1999 book, Getting Rich in America [7].

Reason’s Nick Gillespie wonders why Michael Phelps hasn’t gone to pot [8].

David Friedman serves up a blog-post on what very well might have been the first experimental science [9].

Mark Perry eloquently notes the sad passing of the economist Paul McCracken [10].