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Some Links

Todd Zywicki, one of my prolific GMU colleagues over in our law school, spells out some of the dangers of the so-called Consumer Financial Protection Bureau [1].

George Will offers a history lesson in the hubris of the mighty [2].

Inequality is mismeasured – so argue Kip Hagopian and Lee Ohanian [3].

Arnold Kling reviews Brink Lindsey’s latest book [4] – an ebook entitled Human Capitalism [5].

Lancaster University economist G.R. Steele makes a strong case that Paul Krugman ought to stick with international-trade theory and avoid excursions into macroeconomics [6].  (And here [7], btw, is Steele’s review of Nicholas Wapshott’s book on Hayek and Keynes.)

John Steele Gordon offers five important lessons from American history [8].

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