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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Rob Bradley’s discussion – over at EconLib – of Enron is not to be missed [2].

Steve Horwitz properly tries to nip in the bud, before it goes viral, a piece of misinformation about the Fed [3].

Speaking of central banks, here’s John Cochrane’s clear-eyed take on the Fed [4].

Bjorn Lomborg challenges Paul Krugman on climate science [5].

A graph (via Greg Mankiw) both disheartening and frightening [6].

George Will on modern “Progressives. [7]

David Henderson discusses an economic historian whose work deserves your close attention: the late Stanley Lebergott [8].  (Lebergott’s 1996 book, Pursuing Happiness [9]is among my very favorite works in economic history.  Alas, though, I’ve misplaced my much-marked-up copy; I’ve been searching for it, without success, for well over a year.)

Tyler Cowen on the gold standard [10].  (For the record, I’m more favorably disposed to a gold standard than is Tyler.)