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Some Links

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For those (presumably relatively few) of you who don’t yet know, Marginal Revolution University is opening its e-doors [2]!  (Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby surely isn’t surprised [3].)

Two vigorous and courageous voices for liberty have recently died: Ron Hamowy and Thomas Szasz.  Here are some remembrances: Bryan Caplan on Ron Hamowy [4] – and Bryan here on Thomas Szasz [5].  Walter Olson on Hamowy [6].  The New York Times [7] on Szasz [7].

One of the countless great contributions that Sheldon Richman made as editor of The Freeman was to persuade Thomas Szasz to write a regular column for that magazine [8].

And here’s my GMU Econ colleague Dan Klein’s 1993 Southern Economic Journal review [9] of Thomas Szasz’s 1992 book, Our Right to Drugs: The Case for a Free Market [10].

This month’s Cato Unbound features a lead essay by Steve Horwitz [11] on the role of empirical evidence in Austrian economics.  Bryan Caplan [12] and George Selgin [13] each have replies, with Antony Davies [14] to contribute his own reply later today.

From William McBride and Kurt Schuler comes praise of competitive note issue [15] – and from Richard Rahn a further justified warning about the dangers of central banks [16].