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Some Links

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America’s uncontrolled addiction to fighting a war on drugs war on peaceful people who choose to ingest various substances that don’t meet government approval continues to cause innocent people – including children – to die [2]….

but, oh my, look at the success of this “war” [3]!

Marty Mazorra uses his brilliant whiteboard to discuss off-shoring (or, as it’s popularly called, “outsourcing”) [4]. ¬†Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, as politicians, should look at this video and learn from it.

Stan Veuger explains that Pres. Obama raises taxes on small businesses [5].

Alex Tabarrok explains some of the work of the newest Nobel economists [6].

Jeff Jacoby is not impressed by the outpouring of praise for the recently departed Eric Hobsbawm [7].  Rightly so.

Garett Jones explains Ed Prescott’s careful reasoning that leads (in Garett’s words) to the following conclusion [8]:

If higher taxes are wasted, then a tax hike has a small, ambiguous effect on employment.
If higher taxes are spent wisely, then a tax hike causes a big fall in employment.