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Some Links

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Edward Conard offers his reasons why Warren Buffett’s assertion that higher marginal tax rates don’t discourage investment is mistaken [2].  (Not surprisingly, John Cochrane recently posted helpfully on the same topic [3].)

Rick Newman explains why a falling birth rate is – contrary to the assumption of so many highly productive, already-born people – a potentially big problem [4].  (Not surprisingly, Bryan Caplan recently posted helpfully on the same topic [5].)

Richard Rahn rightly warns against raising taxes [6].  (Not surprisingly, Amity Shlaes recently wrote helpfully on the same taxing topic [7].)

John Kay warns against the fetish for manufacturing [8].  (HT Walter Grinder)

Here’s George Will on Greg Lukianoff on the illiberalism of modern American college campuses [9].

John Goodman is less than impressed with Paul Krugman’s knowledge of health-care realities [10].

Andrew Biggs and Jason Richwine explain that government workers generally don’t work as hard as do private-sector workers [11].

CEI’s Wayne Crews, catching the unmistakable scent of cronyism wafting out from Pres. Obama’s proposal for an “Infrastructure Bank,” offers constructive alternatives [12].