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Some Links

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Matt Zwolinski highlights some superb opportunities, offered by the Institute for Humane Studies, for grad students [2].

George Will on apocalypse fatigue [3].  A slice:

Because crises are government’s excuse for growing, liberalism’s motto is: Never let a crisis go unfabricated.  But its promiscuous production of crises has made them boring.

Here’s Bryan Caplan – with help from Deirdre McCloskey – on some implications of our imperfect knowledge [4].

Richard Rahn discusses taxes on corporations [5].

Mark Perry features one of my all-time favorite letters – namely, that of Steve Landsburg to his daughter’s, Cayley’s, pre-school teacher [6].

Speaking of Steve Landsburg, he points here to one of the enduring mysteries of humankind – and it’s not just Krugman who mystifies on this front [7].

Hans Bader on the myth of British-government austerity [8].

Arnold Kling reviews Anat Admati’s and Martin Hellwig’s  [9]The Bankers’ New Clothes [9].