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Some Links

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Sandy Ikeda explains why America today should be more like Sweden today [2].

George Will weighs in on “Progressives'” resistance to progress [3].

In today’s Wall Street Journal, John Cochrane writes sensibly about interest rates, Fed policy, and the term structure of Uncle Sam’s debt [4].  (Unfortunately, Cochrane’s essay is gated.)  Here’s Cochrane’s related blog post [5].

David Henderson discusses Christina Romer’s recent New York Times essay on the minimum wage [6].

Here’s another from David, this one on Derek Thompson’s piece on the dramatic fall, since deregulation, in the cost of air travel [7].  David’s personal story about pre-deregulation air-travel calls to mind the time, in the early 1970s, when my uncle Malcolm – who worked in New Orleans for the Maryland Casualty Co. – flew to Baltimore.  It was big family news; it was an event.  My parents and siblings and grandparents all went to the New Orleans airport, with my aunt and cousins, to see uncle Malcolm off on the plane.  I recall, very distinctly, wondering – as I watched the plane taxi away from the gate – if there would ever be an occasion for me to fly on an airplane.

Sheldon Richman is no fan of minimum-wage legislation [8].  (And, please pardon my unpardonable vanity, but Sheldon’s essay brought to mind one of the first essays that I ever wrote for The Freeman [9].)