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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Matt Ridley reflects on Bitcoin – and on George Selgin’s reflections on the same [2].

George Will writes about Justin Amash, a U.S. Rep. from Michigan and one of the very few politicians for whom I have genuine respect [3].

Liberty Fund’s Peter Mentzel reviews Anne Applebaum’s new book [4] on eastern Europe, Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956 [5].  (HT Walter Grinder)

Mark Perry sees through the superstitious nonsense that is “Earth Day”: here with classic help from Steve Landsburg [6], and here with help from the superb economist Paul Rubin [7].  (Here is my 2009 attempt to help my then-sixth-grader son, Thomas, with his Earth Day assignment [8].)

The Independent Institute’s Anthony Gregory reflects on what he rightly calls “a big PR stunt” – one turned murderous – namely, the Waco raid of 20 years ago [9].

Ross Emmett reflects on Malthus [10].

David Henderson shares with us a video of the great Shikha Dalmia speaking about unskilled immigrants [11].

But… but… but a handful of clever economists have theories for how a policy of artificially raising the cost of hiring young workers will help these young workers [12].