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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Benjamin Zycher reflects on Earth Day [2]

as does Bjorn Lomborg [3], who writes about some of the worst forms of air and water pollution that

[w]ealthy countries largely solved these problems through economic development.

My GMU Econ colleague Garett Jones reflects on Hillary Clinton, Shakespeare, and the moronic masquerade that is politics [4].

CEI’s Hans Bader is none too impressed with the EEOC’s effects on the job market [5].

James Pethokoukis is none too impressed with the state of modern macroeconomic debate [6].  (On part of which, see also John Taylor [7].)

New York Post columnist Kyle Smith likes HBO’s new show VEEP [8].

Don’t miss David Friedman writing on some long-run consequences of the welfare state [9].