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Some Links

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Bryan Caplan asks a good question – good for considerations of both policy and academic research [2]. ¬†And it’s a question that reminds us yet again that contracts – including employment contracts – are made along multiple margins, only some of which are formalized or explicit.

Wisdom – here in the form of sound economics – from Tyler Cowen on immigration [3].

Rob Bradley celebrates the automobile, driving, and inexpensive (because abundant) carbon-based fuels [4].  Drive on!

Randy Holcombe points us to a distressing instance of the sort of government corruption that is so typical that it goes largely unnoticed [5].

My GMU colleague David Bernstein (from over in our law school) reviews what apparently is yet another economically uninformed book about Franklin Roosevelt [6].

Timothy Taylor documents some pretty good evidence in support of one of my pet claims, namely, that America’s middle class is not stagnating economically [7].