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Some Links

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Many well-deserved congratulations to the Wall Street Journal‘s Holman Jenkins for winning the inaugural Calvin Coolidge Journalism Prize!  Here’s Holman’s latest; it’s on sensible questions about Obamacare that people forgot to ask [2].

My former student Alex Nowrasteh explains the economic costs of E-Verify [3].

Art Carden’s latest post at EconLog is on the likely disingenuousness of many business people who call for a higher legislated minimum wage government to prohibit the gainful employment of even more low-skilled workers [4].

Jane Shaw reveals just how illiberal many self-described modern “liberals” are – just how regressive are the instincts and actions of many who call themselves “Progressive” – just how anti-intellectual are many “intellectuals. [5]

Green policies aren’t always green (but they usually do put green into the pockets of disingenuous special-interest groups who know well how to play the game of crony capitalism) [6].