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Some Links

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Here’s David Friedman’s short and insightful chapter – from the forthcoming 3rd edition of his classic book, The Machinery of Freedom – entitled “The Conservative Mistake.” [2]  (HT David Henderson [3])

I’m getting lots of requests (as is Russ, too, I suspect) to comment on the Pope’s latest error-ridden excursion into economics [4].  All I will say now is that the Pope seems to know as much about economics as I know about theology, which is next to nothing.  Marty Mazorra, in contrast to the Pope, knows much economics and, as a result, keeps matters in proper perspective [5].

George Will documents some recent instances of government and “Progressive” foolishness [6].

Walter Olson tackles the FDA’s obnoxious effort to deny Americans the freedom to choose to use 23andMe [7].

John Taylor weighs in on Larry Summer’s recent suggestion that we are now living in a world of secular economic stagnation [8]

… and Taylor thens weighs in on Paul Krugman’s poorly grounded objection to Taylor’s argument [9].