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OK; Barlow is Not Merely a Rock Star

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In response to my (perhaps-too-snide) criticism [2] of John Perry [3] Barlow [3]‘s focus on software-licensing fees as a barrier to economic development, I’ve received a handful of critical e-mails.  All polite, each critic reminds me that Barlow is co-founder of  Electronic Frontier Foundation [4] and a Fellow at Harvard Law School.  He is not, as I mistakenly implied, merely a rock star.

But I stand by my criticism of his point.  Assuming that the New York Times did not quote him [5] out of context, to focus on software-licensing fees as an impediment to economic growth is misplaced at a Forum allegedly devoted to finding ways to help the poorest of the world’s poor achieve greater prosperity.  It would be like discussing the health benefits of curing acne at a conference devoted to curing cancer.