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Globalization or Terror: You Choose

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Atlanta Journal-Constitution opinion writer Cynthia Tucker today [2] makes the ridiculous and obscene assertion that globalization is “a more insidious force” than is al-Queda.

I don’t have much to more to say about Ms. Tucker’s perspective.  I assume that she’s not an evil person.  Therefore, she must be straw-man ignorant.  I wish that she would read my favorite books on globalization and then revisit this assertion of hers.  My favorite books, by the way, are (in no particular order):

Johan Norberg, In Defense of Global Capitalism [3] (2003)

Douglas Irwin,  Free Trade Under Fire [4], 2nd ed. (2005)

Martin Wolf, Why Globalization Works [5] (2004)

Russell Roberts, The Choice [6], 3rd ed (2006)

Tyler Cowen, In Praise of Commercial Culture [7] (1998)

Thomas Larsson, The Race to the Top [8] (2001)

Frederic Bastiat, Economic Sophisms [9]