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Manuel Ayau

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We ordinary human beings need heroes.  If we choose them wisely, we increase our chances of acting in principled and decent ways.

My heroes include F.A. Hayek [2], Milton Friedman [3], Adam Smith [4], Frederic Bastiat [5], Thomas Babington Macaulay [6], Leonard Read [7], the English Levellers [8], and H.L. Mencken [9] — and Manuel Ayau.

Karol and I are fortunate to count Muso (as he is affectionately called) and his wonderful wife, Olga, among our friends.  Muso combines rare entrepreneurial talent with a very deep knowledge of economics and a sincere love of liberty.  He is Guatemala’s greatest asset.

I am happy to find in today’s Washington Times this tribute to Muso by Richard Rahn [10].

(And here’s an essay [11] that I wrote last year on the occasion of Muso’s 80th birthday.)