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Boudreaux on Law and Legislation and Liberty

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The latest episode of EconTalk [2] is this conversation with my co-host here at Cafe Hayek, Don Boudreaux, on the distinction between law and legislation. We use the two terms interchangeably. We talk about Congress passing a law. We say that there oughta be a law about this or that. But Don, taking his cue from the first volume of Hayek’s Law, Legislation and Liberty [3], argues that we should keep those two terms for two different concepts. It’s one of the deepest things I’ve learned from Don and I think he would tell you it’s one of the deepest things he’s learned from Hayek. Listen to it here. And if you find the conversation as interesting as I did, let me know and we’ll do another one down the road going into the ideas in more depth.

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