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Questions for Podcast Guests

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I’ve lined up the next batch of guests for EconTalk. If you have a question you’d like me to ask any of them, send it along and if I like it and I can fit it in, I’ll ask it. Just email me (roberts-at-GMU.ed) and put "Question for ‘so-and-so’" in the subject line. If I use your question, I’ll mention your name on air unless you tell me not to.

Here’s the line-up in the coming weeks as of now:

Tyler CowenGMU prof [2], NYTimes columnist, author, [3] food expert, blogger [4]
David LeonhardtNYTimes columnist [5]
Kevin Kelly [6]—author of Out of Control [7] and New Rules for the New Economy [8], founder of Wired
John BogleFounder of the Vanguard Group, [9]creator of indexed mutual funds for the masses
Mike MungerDuke prof [10], blogger, [11] baseball maven. We’ll be talking about the division of labor
Nassim Taleb—author of Fooled by Randomness [12] and The Black Swan [13]

In the left-hand sidebar, you’ll see a link to subscribe to EconTalk. Coming on Monday, Gregg Easterbrook on The Progress Paradox [14].