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Among the nice perks of blogging here at the Cafe are the several offers of free books that come my and Russ’s way each year.

With that background, here’s a letter that I just sent to the Marketing Director at Henry Holt, publisher of Naomi Klein’s latest book, The Shock Doctrine [2]; this gentleman e-mailed me this afternoon with an offer of a free copy of this book.

Dear Mr. Rhorer:

Thank you for your e-mail offer of a free copy of Naomi Klein’s latest book attacking capitalism.  I accept.

I note, though, that Ms. Klein’s previous best-seller, No Logo [3] – which you call “groundbreaking” – was praised by the PBS show Frontline [4] as “an impassioned critique of marketing’s effects on culture and citizenship.”  Is Ms. Klein aware that the major American corporation publishing her new book is trying to drum up sales with mass e-mails from – of all people! – its director of Marketing?

Donald J. Boudreaux

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