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I Don’t Want Those People to Have a Say in How I Live My Life

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Here’s a letter that I sent yesterday to the Detroit Free Press:

28 June 2009

Editor, Detroit Free Press

Dear Editor:

Mitch Albom is correct that “We’re wacko in how we view Jacko [2]” (June 28).  But not all of us are wacko.  I, for one, am no more touched by Mr. Jackson’s death than I am by the death of any of the thousands of other Americans who died last week, all of whom – like Mr. Jackson – are strangers to me and to the vast majority of people now so self-indulgently and flamboyantly grieving for a man they never met.

Americans’ proclivity to mass hysteria causes me to want government to have as little power as possible.  I neither can nor wish to stop other persons from doing with their lives as they wish.  But I also damn sure despise the fact that, through their votes, so many persons prone to such childish sentiments and displays have a say in how I lead my life.

Donald J. Boudreaux