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Some Links

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Bob Higgs wishes that the end were near for apocalyptic fear-mongering [2].

I dare anyone to read this short essay in the Washington Post by Charles Lane and not conclude that the $23 billion “teacher bailout” has almost nothing to do with education and nearly everything to do with interest-group politics [3].  And here’s the take on this same issue by the ever-insightful Steve Landsburg [4].

University of Maryland Professor of Environmental Policy Robert Nelson, writing in the Miami Herald, explains that environmentalism is very much a religion [5].

University of Mississippi economist – and my former colleague at GMU – Bill Shughart, writing in the Washington Times, explains that Franklin Roosevelt’s administration was more honest about counting jobs than is the current administration [6].

In this short video, economics PhD student Orphe Divounguy explains the opportunity-dampening effects of minimum-wage legislation [7].

In Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, the Cato Institute’s Gerry O’Driscoll explains why regulation-by-government promotes troubles such as oil spills and financial meltdowns [8].