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Some Links

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Writing in Barron’s, My GMU colleague Tom Hazlett praises the Obama administration’s support for property rights in the radio spectrum. [2]

My former research assistant – and now blogger extraordinaire – Mark Perry, over at Carpe Diem, offers compelling, data-grounded pictures on the happy state of manufacturing in America [3].

Chris McGraw composed this rock-music ode to “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke [4].

Thomas Sowell is reasonably certain that today’s economic woes are being prolonged by unreasonable government policies that create too much uncertainty [5].

The always-thoughtful Steve Chapman offers a radical proposal for airline security [6].

David Beckworth compares the recent economic performance of California’s economy to that of Texas’s economy [7].  Guess which one performed best.  And, likely, why.

Here’s a great video, featuring Tom Palmer, on how trade promotes prosperity and peace [8].