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Some Links

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Shikha Dalmia explains that the G.M.’s new I.P.O. is meant to Invigorate Political Opportunities for Democrats [2].

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby reports that “Cash for Clunkers” was a colossal clunker on both economic and environmental grounds [3].

Bob Higgs gets more insight from yield curves [4].

Thank goodness for small victories [5].  (HT Andy Roth)

Guests at The Economist ponder the reason(s) behind the strength of Germany’s economic recovery [6].  This line from Carmen Reinhart is important:

Germany was a notable outlier in the now-notorious credit and debt boom of the decade prior to the onset of the subprime crisis. Credit relative to nominal GDP fell about 11 percentage points during 1997-2007; during the same period, credit/GDP rose 80 percentage points for most of the advanced economies.

Duke University’s Bruce Caldwell explains the importance to economists of mastering more history of economic thought [7].  (HT George Leef)