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Some Links

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Carpe Diem’s Mark Perry offers yet more evidence that the U.S. of late decades has been ransacked by laissez-faire capitalism [2].

John Stossel disses minimum-wage legislation [3].

Arnold Kling chimes in [4] on Bart Hinkle’s essay on consent [5].

In my latest column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review [6] I reflect on my recent visit to Russia [6].

Now that Nobel announcement time will soon arrive, I take this opportunity to link to what is perhaps the most important yet largely ignored paper ever in the history of economics- Armen Alchian’s 1959 “Costs and Outputs.” [7] It’s a damn shame that neither Alchian nor Gordon Tullock have been awarded the Nobel Prize.  Both have certainly earned it.

This event, on October 7th in DC, should be great.  It’s entitled “Economic Religion vs. Environmental Religion in America [8].”