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Some Links

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My friend Gerry Nicholls shoots fish in a barrel by taking on the nitwittery known as “food sovereignty [2].”  Unfortunately, these fish – although in a barrel – are amazingly adroit; they deserve to be shot by crack marksmen such as Gerry.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, the always-eloquent Mary Anastasia O’Grady calls upon Chileans to free more than just trapped miners – free the entrepreneurs as well [3] (which will result in freeing consumers).

Here [4] and here [5], the indispensable Steve Landsburg challenges Paul Krugman’s fabricated claim that government spending of late hasn’t increased significantly [6].

Bob Higgs knows what’s shovel-ready and what’s not – and what’s being shoveled [7]!

Bob Murphy puts the Austrian theory of the business cycle to the test against Paul Krugman [8].  (HT Greg Ransom)

Alan Schram, writing at the Huffington Post, understands the advantages of a strong dollar [9].

Writing in Investor’s Business Daily, a former president of the Cleveland Fed, Jerry Jordan, explains why deficit-financed ‘stimulus’ is ‘stagflationary [10].’  (I beg the ghost of my late professor Fritz Machlup [11] to forgive me for using this word.)