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Some Links

Tweet [1]

George Selgin, in this video, clearly explains why the Fed has been a failure on its own terms [2].

And here’s another excellent video of George Selgin, here discussing his book Good Money [3].

Former GMU econ student Ryan Young advises that you not allow the IRS to prepare your tax filings [4].  I’m sold.

AEI’s Hiwa Alaghebandian explains, in this video, some flaws in Keynesian economics [5].

Coyote Blog documents yet another indispensable way that government builds infrastructure [6].

Here’s a video of a rich, lazy, privileged, privilege-seeking American capitalist looking to stick it to poor and working Americans [7].  😉  (HT Andy Roth)

Paul Jacob offers some common sense on net neutrality … and on apartment neutrality [8].