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Some Links

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Here’s Frederic Bastiat’s great essay on “The Balance of Payments [2]” – the essay in which Bastiat uses the reductio ad absurdum of sinking export-bearing cargo ships in the middle of the ocean.

Bill Easterly’s take (in today’s Washington Post) on John Lennon’s politics [3] is far more developed and insightful than my own take [4].  (Speaking of the late, great Beatle, Russ shares with me this essay [5] whose author argues persuasively that Lennon abandoned much of his jejune statism before he was killed – although, thankfully, not his opposition to war.)

I especially love (truly) the quotation from Sen. Judd Gregg in today’s column by Jeff Jacoby [6].

Tibor Machan is disgusted at envy of the rich [7].

Here’s Sven Wilson explain the extraordinariness of everyday life in modern market-oriented society [8].

In today’s New York Times, Tyler Cowen explains some unfortunate (unintended?) consequences of Obamacare [9].

Arnold Kling is no fan of monetary-disequilibrium theory [10].