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Some Links

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Mary Anastasia O’Grady of the Wall Street Journal asks if Cuba will be the next Egypt [2].

John Tierney, science writer for the New York Times, explores the question of ideological bias in the academy [3].  (Boast: research by my GMU Econ colleague Dan Klein is favorably mentioned in John’s essay.)

In this Center for Freedom & Prosperity video, Blayne Bennett explains why big government is bad government [4].

Troy Camplin weighs in provocatively on the unrest in Egypt [5].  (HT George Leef)

Writing in today’s Los Angeles Times, David Boaz exposes phony solutions for real social ills [6].

Truth on the Market’s Larry Ribstein skewers occupational licensing [7].

Bill Anderson is none-too-impressed [8] with Paul Krugman’s assertion that north-African political unrest and currently rising food prices are “evidence” that global warming is finally taking its terrible toll on human existence.

Finally, two letters-to-the-editor by Cafe Hayek reader Matthew Curran are worth reading.  One is found here [9]; the other here [10].