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Some Links

Tweet [1]

In this very short video, Cato’s (and GMU student) Caleb Brown puts the the G.O.P.’s proposed spending cuts into proper perspective [2].

Bob Higgs levels yet another brilliant blast against the warfare state [3].

In my latest column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I discuss inflation’s pernicious effects upon interest rates and capital investment [4].

David Harsanyi explains that, if N.P.R. really is good programming, it will have no trouble surviving if it is weaned from taxpayers’ teats [5].

George Jonas, writing in Canada’s National Post, objects to prohibitions on monetary payments for transplantable body organs [6].  (HT David Stinson)  Here’s an especially nice paragraph:

Most of all, what makes anyone think that he is entitled to pass a death sentence on a fellow human being by forbidding him to purchase an organ from a willing seller? Is it principle? Choosing to die for one’s principles is one thing; obliging others to die for them is something else again. (In Canada, forcing others to die for one’s principles is called socialized medicine.)

Markets supply [7].