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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Scott Lincicome exposes the errors in Robert Lighthizer’s portrayal of the politics of protectionism [2].

William Anderson uses the great Henry Hazlitt to highlight some weaknesses in Mr. Paul Krugman’s economic [3]s [3] (as opposed to the economics of Dr. Paul Krugman [4]).

Arnold Kling on innovation and Tyler Cowen’s thesis of “the great stagnation. [5]

What happened to the alleged inexhaustible pool of low-wage workers in China and India? [6]!

Here’s the Boston Globe‘s Jeff Jacoby at his best [7].

Steven Hayward identifies some dangers of true-believing environmentalists. [8]

Is the media biased in its coverage of gasoline-price hikes? [9] (HT Walter Williams)

Finally, I discuss with Judge Napolitano how monopoly protection keeps K-12 public schools in the U.S. lousy [10].