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Some ‘Drug War’ Links

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The late William F. Buckley understood the vileness of the “war on drugs” war on peaceful people (only some of whom use intoxicants that the government disapproves of) [2].

More wisdom from W.F. Buckley on the ‘drug war. [3]

Here’s Buckley (circa 1991) debating Rep. Charles Rangle on the ‘drug war [4].’

And here’s Buckley (joined by others) writing eloquently against the ‘drug war. [5]

Milton Friedman presents part of his case for ending the ‘drug war. [6]

Here’s a video narration of a 1984 Thomas Sowell essay arguing against the ‘drug war [7].’

Jeffrey Miron points out that ‘drug-war’ violence is not caused by the ‘drug’ part but by the ‘war’ (i.e., ‘war-on-drugs’) part [8].

Here’s a video of Jeff explaining the benefits that would emerge from ending the ‘drug war [9].’