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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Writing in the Financial Times, my GMU Econ and Law colleague Tom Hazlett discusses the F.T.C.’s antitrust investigation of Google [2].

Rare Earths elements newly discovered in the Pacific [3].  (HT Tim Lord)  Julian Simon wouldn’t be surprised.  Nor, I’m sure, is Tim Worstall [4].

Economic freedom is good for your health [5]. (HT Mark Perry)

Further evidence that the market can and does – when left sufficiently free and undistorted – supply health care [6]…. (HT Mark Perry again)

and evidence on the dreary reality of socialized medicine [7].  (HT Nicolas Martin)

Thomas Sowell on politics versus reality [8].

Arnold Kling holds forth again – and, as always, compellingly so – on Patterns of Sustainable Specialization and Trade (PSST) [9].

At Forbes.com, Art Carden asks what the ‘drug war’ is good for [10].

Finally, here’s more evidence of the truth that taxes reduce supplies brought to market [11].  (HT Henri Hein)