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Hayek (Selgin & Co.) vs. Keynes (Skidelsky & Co.) Broadcast Today!

Tweet [1]

Last week in London George Selgin and Jamie Whyte debated Lord Skidelsky and Duncan Weldon on – so I understand broadly – Hayek vs. Keynes.  The debate (or, George tells me, the bulk of it) will be broadcast today in the U.K. at 8pm U.K. time (which is 3pm EDT). Info here [2].

In addition, here’s a teaser, featuring a beautiful come-back from George to a comment by Lord Skidelsky [3].

And quoting the BBC: ” You can listen again via the BBC iPlayer or by downloading the Analysis podcast. Share your thoughts on the Keynes vs. Hayek debate on Twitter using #lsehvk “