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Some Links

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That vast and creative region of reality, Technologia, continues to export to us its products [2] – and, in doing so, ‘destroys’ jobs.  (HT Mark Perry)  (See also this little monument to human ingenuity [3].)

While we’re tapping in to Mark Perry’s contributions to our knowledge and understanding, here’s Mark’s explanation for why Americans’ fear of a U.S. trade deficit is misplaced [4].

Larry Ribstein understands the dangers of occupational licensing [5].

Writing in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times, the always-astute Nicole Gelinas proposes a free-market fix for today’s housing-market woes [6].

Here’s Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Chapman on the debate over raising Uncle Sam’s debt-ceiling [7].  And here’s the take of Cato’s David Boaz [8].

George Selgin justifiably finds unintended humor in the many barbs – some quite vicious – directed against him by “Rothbardians. [9]

Doug Bandow calls out John McCain for the war-monger that McCain is [10].