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Some Links

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EconLog’s David Henderson wonders where Paul Krugman stands on the merits of artificially inflated housing prices [2].

Speaking of Mr. Krugman, Mary Theroux challenges his faith in the economic merits of alien invasions and other wars [3].  (And see A Chequer-Board of Nights and Days [4].)

In this splendid video produced by the Institute for Humane Studies, Steve Horwitz explains that Americans’ cost of living continues to fall [5].

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby argues that “in crucial ways, the flow of power upward to Washington has impoverished American culture and weakened civic society [6].”

Bob Higgs wonders what would have happened had America been established, not as one nation, but as six [7].

Economist.com has useful info on recent job growth in Texas [8].