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Some Links

David Henderson, with some help from Tim Worstall, weighs in on the new and much-trumpeted report on America’s current rate of poverty.

Cato’s Dan Mitchell weighs in on the same issue.

AEI resident scholar Andrew Biggs (formerly with the Social Security Adminstration) weighs in on the debate over whether or not Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.  (His answer: basically, yes it is in some real and relevant ways.)

Over at Forbes, Merrill Matthews weighs in on the same debate.

The Institute for Humane Studies’s LearnLiberty video project is churning out too many great, concise videos to keep up with!  Here, for example, is the great Steve Davies on government debt. Here’s philosopher Aeon Skoeble on “What are Rights?”  And here’s economist Art Carden on chain stores.

Finally, here’s a story on how Pres. Obama has just renewed Uncle Sam’s commitment – if protectionism is sound economic policy – to help Cubans continue to prosper.  Cubans don’t even have to pick up the tab to pay their own customs agents to search for and block wealth-destroying goods and services that might be imported from the U.S.  (HT Rick Lowe)