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Some Links

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As anyone familiar with supermarket items can tell you – and now Mark Bittman of the New York Times does so [2] – meals from fast-food restaurants are not cheaper than many healthier options available to nearly every American.  (HT Peter Minowitz)

George Will exposes the fishy-ness of government’s alleged efforts to regulate in the public interest [3].

Economist David Rose makes a solid case against the extension of unemployment benefits paid by government [4].

Steve Landsburg ponders Keynesianism [5].

Arnold on Russ on Tyler [6].

And Arnold on the follies of those who apologize for monopoly government K-12 “education [7].”

Over at Division of Labour, Brad Smith reports yet more evidence that Pres. Obama’s understanding of even basic economics is, I put it this way, limited [8].

My great colleague Walter Williams finds the similarities between Social Security and private Ponzi schemes too obvious to ignore [9].